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Heating systems

Air conditioning systems

Ventilation systems

Process and AC chillers


Air Dryers

Control systems – pneumatic, electric and electronic

Building management systems – computerized and energy management

Make-up systems

Computer room air conditioning

And replacement or repair on existing systems. In coordination with you and / or your general contractor, we will analyze the needs of your facility and determine the optimal system with in your budget requirements.

Our product lines include a broad selection from reputable manufacturers and familiar brand names.

Whether you are replacing a portion of your current system or making additions, you can feel confident that Cool Zone A/C will facilitate the process with unparalleled expertise.

We will choose, install and calibrate the proper equipment so that your old system remains in sync with the changes. Cool Zone A/C’s primary business is solving your HVAC problems.

Our technicians apply their vast experience to diagnose and repair your system. We are proud to offer you service 24 hours a day, 365 day of the year. All of our technicians are equipped with two-way, hand held radios. This allows for constant communication with other technicians and expedites parts orders.