Our systems are designed to fit your budget and your lifestyle. Every home is different, that’s why our residential HVAC contractors are trained and prepared to evaluate your home for the best and most efficient energy solution.

We offer the industry’s most efficient air conditioners and equipment, including compressors, coils, furnaces, air handlers, thermostats, and air filters. Our energy-efficient HVAC systems are designed to withstand the elements and deliver reliable cooling and heating when you need it most.

When your home needs air conditioning service, Central Florida residents can’t afford to wait until the heat of the Florida summer arrives. They need to plan ahead in the cooler seasons to be sure there is time for an installation in spring or early winter. If you want to come home to a cool and comfortable oasis from the heat, you need the air conditioning service Houston relies on to deliver quality, convenience, and expert efficiency. At Cool Zone AC we want to remind all consumers that when it is 90 degrees outside, inside your attic it is about 120 degrees and virtually impossible to install a new air conditioning system under those conditions.

Our team of professional and knowledgeable air conditioning service Orlando techs will provide your home with the quality attention and service you expect. Our long standing tradition of excellence has led to our reputation for being number one in customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our customers know, when it comes to keeping cool at home in Orlando, HVAC repair, maintenance, and proper installation is the key. When we do a job, we do it right the first time; because Cool Zone AC wants to keep your zone cool.

Air Conditioner Repair | Orlando, FL

Are you wondering if it would be wiser to replace your AC rather than repair it? When considering air conditioner repair, Orlando homeowners should carefully weigh the pros and cons of repair over replacement. In Orlando, HVAC repair is not easily done in the heat of summer-which is typically when older worn out units will break down, due to the strain put on them by the blistering temperatures.

If your system is getting on in years, and has had a few break downs, that may be a good clue that it is time to replace the unit. Frequent repairs and breakdowns can often mean more costly 24 hour emergency service calls or even other damage to seemingly healthy parts of your air conditioning system. Most units are good for 10-15 years. How old if your current unit?

The good news when it comes to making the investment in a new system is, when it comes to energy efficiency, the newer units are considerably more cost effective in the long run. Technology has come a long way and energy efficient standards ensure that newer units will cost you less in monthly bills than an older laboring system will.